In addition to the Phase 1 Work-to-Rule Strike Protocol,

Effective Tuesday, December 10, 2019, ETFO members will:

  • NOT participate in any performance appraisal or evaluation process, unless the member has received a previous unsatisfactory report or is ‘under review’;
  • NOT post success criteria (e.g., anchor charts, learning goals, etc.) in the classroom if directed to do so by an administrator or supervisor;
  • NOT prepare a bulletin board or school display if requested to do so by an administrator or supervisor;
  • NOT plan any new field trips scheduled to occur before June 30, 2020;
  • NOT register for any future Additional Qualification course(s) offered by a school board;
  • NOT serve as ‘Teacher in Charge’;
  • NOT perform any duties that are normally performed by a school administrator or direct supervisor;
  • NOT complete system-level board reports requested by an administrator or supervisor;
  • NOT complete board finance-related documentation (including grant applications) requested by an administrator or supervisor;
  • NOT undertake the role of divisional chair/team lead;
  • NOT attend meetings unless they are scheduled during the instructional day AND release time is provided by an occasional teacher, occasional DECE or an occasional education worker;
  • NOT collect monies or participate in the electronic collection of monies for school-based activities except those for charitable causes;
  • NOT purchase supplies on a member’s own time if requested to do so by an administrator or supervisor;
  • NOT distribute any memos/letters from a school and/or school board;
  • NOT distribute any material related to the legal strike action of another bargaining unit; and
  • NOT participate in any new employee attendance or absence reporting processes, including the submission of medical certificates initiated because of full-withdrawal strike action by another union/bargaining unit.

Members are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one ETFO Solidarity Activity each week. Examples of ETFO Solidarity Activities include:

  • Conduct an information picket or leafleting session outside your school before or after the instructional day. Check the “Get Tools and Resources” section on ETFO’s Building Better Schools website (ca) for flyers and fact sheets.
  • Tell your story. Go to the Tell the Minister section of the ETFO Collective Bargaining website (ca). Share your thoughts about cuts to public education, the current bargaining situation, an ETFO bargaining goal that’s important to you, your working conditions, etc.
  • Take to Twitter about bargaining and education issues. Post under the hashtag #ETFOstrong. Tag the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce (@Sflecce), Premier Doug Ford (@fordnation) and/or your MPP.
  • Post a photo of you and your colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram holding an #ETFOstrong, I Support ETFO Because or Tell the Minister Ask your Steward for a sign, or check the “Resources” section on the ETFO Collective Bargaining website ( for downloadable signs.
  • Wear an ETFO Class Size Matters or Cuts Hurt Kids button. Contact your ETFO local office if you and your colleagues need more buttons.
  • Wear red on Fridays (or Thursdays, depending on local practices) in support of public education.
  • Arrange a treat day or pot luck where you can connect with colleagues, get information and share stories.
  • Use the ETFO Solidarity Email Signature. The ETFO Solidarity Email Signature will be sent to members via the Collective Bargaining eNewsletter during the week of December 9, 2019.