Local and Provincial Programs

Fees (i.e., dues) are used to provide funds to operate ETFO’s locals and provide programs and services to the members through ETFO Provincial Office. These programs and services include:

  • Collective Bargaining (including collective agreement enforcement);
  • Health and Safety;
  • Equity and Women’s Programs;
  • Leadership Development;
  • Political Action and Public Relations;
  • Government Relations, Media Relations, Communications;
  • Additional Qualification Courses;
  • Professional Learning and Curriculum Services; and
  • Professional Relations Services (i.e., counseling and legal services).

Membership in Other Organizations

ETFO is affiliated with other teacher federations and labour organizations such as:

  • Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF);
  • Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF);
  • Education International;
  • Qualifications and Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO);
  • Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL); and
  • Canadian Labour Congress (CLC).

The membership fees paid to these organizations:

  • give ETFO access to labour research and programs;
  • link ETFO with other organized workers (many of whom are parents of the children we teach);
  • involve ETFO in the social justice campaigns the labour movement undertakes; and
  • strengthen the voice of all those who defend public education and public services.

Defense Fund

A portion of ETFO members’ fees is set aside in the Defense Fund. The Defense Fund is set up to:

  • pay for costs related to collective bargaining (e.g., strike pay, pension contributions relating to a strike, etc.); and
  • to fund certain other extraordinary expenses.