The power of solidarity: Two perspectives on building labour power

No time to waste: Erika Shaker on defending public education

An interview with Susan Swackhammer, former first vice-president of ETFO

ETFO President Karen Brown’s opening address to the 2023 ETFO Annual Meeting

Special Episode: Press Conference on the ETFO all-member violence survey.

Teacher professional judgement in assessment: Essential for student learning

On today’s episode, we are talking with two experts in assessment, Dr. Arlo Kempf and Kenisha Bynoe, about why teacher professional judgement, in particular, is important for student success.

Privatization Creep: How privatization affects public schools in Ontario and Canada

A new book called Unequal Benefits: Privatization and Public Education looks at some of the ways that privatization is creeping into public education spaces. It might not be where you think. An interview with author Dr. Sue Winton.

Fighting Back and Winning Under Ford 2.0: A panel discussion

In the wake of the labour movement’s victory over Bill 28, which would have used the notwithstanding clause to override the right to collective bargaining, a panel of experts – Stephen Barrett, Larry Savage, and Deena Ladd – talk about how workers can push for better working conditions, and win, even under a majority Conservative government. 

What is workplace violence?

What is workplace violence? And what is its impact in schools? Our panelists are Lisa Dunbar, an ETFO member who supports teachers, education workers, and students to help reduce violent behaviour, and Dr. Chris Bruckert, a professor at the University of Ottawa who studies workplace violence against teachers and education workers.

Bargaining, Step-by-Step

ETFO General Secretary Sharon O’Halloran and Deputy General Secretary Lisa Mastrobuono take us through the collective bargaining process in the education sector, step-by-step.

A short history of the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act with labour lawyer Howard Goldblatt.

Special feature on collective bargaining: Labour lawyer Howard Goldblatt provides a short history of the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, which governs collective bargaining in the education sector in Ontario.

How does ETFO select its bargaining goals?

Ahead of each round of collective bargaining, ETFO establishes a list of bargaining goals that will act as a compass for the Federation during negotiations. In this episode, a deeper dive into just how ETFO decides on those bargaining goals.