Ontario families interviewed by Global News Toronto were unanimous: the province needs to keep full-day kindergarten.

After Ontario Premier Doug Ford said he wouldn’t guarantee full-day kindergarten after the 2019-20 school year but said his government would do what’s best for children, Global News reporter Caryn Lieberman said she interviewed “many parents,” who said what is best for their children is full-day kindergarten.

One of the parents she interviewed in her report was Julie Middleton, whose daughter Sadie will be entering junior kindergarten this fall.global-news-toronto-logo

Her son had previously benefited from the program, she said.

“I just noticed he was more advanced. He could read more. He was more ready for Grade 1. Grade 1 wasn’t as much of a jump. … He was just more prepared.”

“Knowing in a year, there might be more daycare required again, … [there are] a lot of unknowns that make it hard to plan.”

Lieberman also interviewed former Deputy Minister of Education Charles Pascal and Carolyn Ferns, president of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care. They both supported the program.

You can see the full report on the Global News Toronto website at this link.