The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association says recently announced class-size increases for grades 4-12 will “have a dramatic and harmful effect on both students and staff in secondary schools across Ontario,” according to an article by Kristin Rushowy in the Toronto Star.

OPSBA President Cathy Abraham: class-size hikes are “dramatic” and “harmful.” (OPSBA photo)

“They have said that they are still doing consultations until the end of May,” OPSBA President Cathy Abraham told the Star. She said she hopes the Education ministry will wake up to “the negative impact of such a big increase.”

Abraham pointed out that some classes will likely expand to “very, very large” sizes, as the increases will not be uniform.

The hike will eliminate a total of 10,000 teachers’ jobs across the entire school system, the article says.

You can read the full article by following this link.