Many of the more than 50 unions affiliated to the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) came together at the Power of Many: Take Back Ontario Conference on March 25 to stop the government’s pro-business agenda and build an Ontario for all.

You can download the conference resource kit from the OFL website.

“The PC government is taking our province backwards. They are breaking their campaign promises by cutting public sector jobs, slashing funding to education, threatening privatization of health care, and increasing inequality in every corner of the province,” said Ontario Federation of Labour President Chris Buckley. “The people of this province are the majority and with the Power of Many, they are coming together in resistance to stop government attacks on Ontario’s most vulnerable.”

The OFL Power of Many Campaign draws on the strength and solidarity of the labour movement and allies in communities across Ontario to win and protect public services, decent work, and justice for all, as well as safe and healthy workplaces and communities.

“We will not let the PC’s jeopardize Ontario’s future,” said OFL Secretary-Treasurer Patty Coates. “Ontario is Canada’s richest province. Instead of cutting public services, canceling programs, and leaving Ontarians to fend for themselves, our government should be taxing big business and the utra-rich to make sure they are paying their fair share.”

“Unions have always fought for equality and justice for all,” said OFL Executive Vice-President Ahmad Gaied. “The PCs cuts to important programs and services disproportionately affect women, racialized Ontarians, people with a disability, Indigenous peoples, immigrants, and young people. These attacks will continue, leaving many Ontarians struggling to make ends meet and facing discrimination. Ontarians are saying ‘no more.’”