Preparation and Progress

As changes to the Education Act make schools more accessible to special-needs students, teachers’ federations fight for the funding needed to make the new programs work. They negotiate maximum class sizes and work to get the resources and time they need. In some cases, they negotiate preparation-time language as well.


OPSTF becomes the bargaining agent for Kent County OTs.


The “85 factor” (age plus years of service) is introduced as a temporary measure to encourage retirements. It later will become permanent.


OPSTF signs first collective agreement for OTs in Kent County.


Nearly 10,000 elementary teachers in Metro Toronto strike to support their need for more preparation time. In an historic settlement, they win 150 minutes of prep time per week, paving the way for virtually all other teachers in the province to win at least some prep time by 1990.


Thousands of teachers, mainly women, benefit from the passage of the Pay Equity Act.