Facing a deluge of negative press, the Premier quits

As the tally of mismanaged files grows, and his popularity shrinks, Premier Dalton McGuinty shocks everyone by announcing his sudden resignation. Despite the volatile situation, President Hammond and ETFO take the high road in issuing this statement:

“Premier McGuinty was known as the ‘education premier’ for many years and he had great ideas that improved education early in his tenure as leader and premier. It is unfortunate that in this last year he appeared to focus more on the welfare of the corporate private sector than middle class working people.”

Nevertheless, the situation remains essentially the same. McGuinty will remain in office until February, as would Laurel Broten. On October 22, all ETFO locals file for conciliation, requesting that the Ministry of Labour appoint conciliators to “resolve the problems that the government – not the school boards – created.”