ETFO and the McGuinty government meet for the first time

“To say we were insulted is an understatement,” said President Hammond after the initial (and fruitless) first meeting with government officials.

The government presents a “take it or leave it” offer which leaves no room for discussion or negotiation. ETFO’s negotiating team presents questions about the process, but their concerns are ignored and dismissed.

Among other things, the government proposed:

  • a two-year term with a 0% salary increase
  • elimination of the retirement gratuity
  • freezing of government contributions to the pension plan
  • freezing of teachers on the salary grid, regardless of increased qualifications

As a result of the government’s hostile stance, after much consultation, ETFO determines it will not participate in any further talks based on the PDT proposal. The PDT is a voluntary process, initiated to provide an overall framework for local negotiations, and ETFO, as is their right, choses not to volunteer.

The Federation will concentrate on local bargaining going forth.