More funding for elementary students

ETFO sets closing the gap in funding between elementary and secondary students as a bargaining priority. A multi-faceted campaign reaches out to legislators, educators and the public in an effort to achieve better working conditions for teachers and improve the learning experience for the student.

As part of the settlement, elementary teachers build on past success to achieve 240 minutes of preparation time per five-day teaching cycle. We also achieve a guaranteed cap on supervision time: a maximum of 80 minutes per week for every teacher in Ontario who does not already have a lower cap.

Despite a two per cent monetary penalty imposed by the government, real salary increases are still achieved. Benefits are defended and improved in the face of government restrictions.

Occasional teacher agreements scored significant salary increases, along with a host of improved working conditions, including improved accessibility for being hired into long-term assignments and full-time positions. Eleven OT Locals reduce the number of days required to become a long-term occasional teacher.

Other standouts include an eight-hour working day for EI purposes for 13 additional locals, better leave provisions and enhanced union rights.