New leadership in Ontario

Kathleen Wynne becomes Premier on February 11, 2013. She announces that Liz Sandals is replacing Laurel Broten in the Education portfolio.

With the premier out of politics and the minister out of office, two obstacles to a negotiated settlement are removed. Both McGuinty and Broten have enormous political capital invested in Bill 115; their successors do not. President Hammond praises Sandals’ record and congratulates her on her appointment.

On March 26, President Hammond issues the following statement:

Colleagues, As you know, we have been in discussions with the government since February. These talks will continue. We are now confident that the government has demonstrated a commitment to dealing with concrete items of importance to our members.

In light of the progress made during these discussions and a commitment that talks to address outstanding issues will continue, ETFO is suspending its advice to members regarding voluntary/extracurricular activities.