Friday, September 22, 2023

NOTE: New FAQs will be added to ETFO’s CB Website at as details of the Education Worker tentative central agreement and ratification vote are released. Please check frequently for updates.

For information about the ratification process, click here


What is happening?
ETFO has negotiated a 2022-2026 tentative central agreement for its Education Worker (EW) members.

This EW tentative central agreement applies to approximately 3,500 ETFO members who are Education Workers (i.e., Designated Early Childhood Educators, Education Support Personnel, Professional Support Personnel, and other Education Worker members).

The EW tentative central agreement does not apply to ETFO’s 80,000 teacher and occasional teacher members, who remain without a renewed collective agreement. ETFO is continuing to bargain centrally for our teacher and occasional teacher members.

What are the terms in the EW tentative central agreement?
Details of the EW tentative central agreement and the ratification vote process will be shared in a CB eNewsletter with ETFO EW members on Tuesday, September 26 after EW local presidents and chief negotiators have been briefed.

Does this mean the central strike vote for Education Worker members is cancelled?
Yes, the central strike vote for ETFO’s 3,500 EW members will not be taking place.

What about Teachers and Occasional Teachers? Is their central strike vote going ahead?
Yes, the central strike vote for ETFO’s 80,000 teacher and occasional teacher members continues as planned until October 17, 2023.

Please check with your teacher or occasional teacher local for the date, time, and location of their information meeting/strike vote. ETFO’s Strike Vote Calendar also includes local-by-local central strike vote information.

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