Central Strike Vote Information: Quick Summary

  • On August 14, President Karen Brown announced that ETFO would be taking central strike votes, starting in mid-September.
  • ETFO has been engaged in bargaining at two central tables (Teacher/Occasional Teacher and Education Worker) for a year, and no agreements have yet been reached.
    • At the ETFO Education Worker Central Table, bargaining progress has stalled.
    • No progress has been made at the ETFO Teacher/Occasional Teacher Central Table, with the government/school board bargaining team refusing to engage meaningfully around priority issues like special education supports, violence in schools, compensation, fair hiring practices and the staffing crisis in education.
    • On August 8, ETFO filed an unfair labour practice complaint against the government for bargaining in bad faith at the ETFO Teacher/Occasional Teacher Central Table.
  • In-person central strike votes will be held throughout the province following all-member information meetings.
  • ETFO provincial and ETFO locals will be finalizing the date, time and location of central strike vote meetings over the next few weeks. Members will receive strike vote meeting details in September. Contact your ETFO local office in September for more information.
  • ETFO’s next central bargaining dates are scheduled for August 29 and 30.

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